About the brand
Brand BERNLEY is a new joint project of the largest tea Corporation of Sri Lanka "AKBAR BROTHERS" and one of the leading Russian tea manufacturers - Yakovlevskaja chaerazvesochnaja fabrika.


BERNLEY is traditional English tea with a truly noble delicacy of taste, extraordinary elegance in flavor and rich infusion color.
It`s produced by special blends of finest Ceylon tea, world-famous for its unique natural properties.

For the first time, Russian tea lovers met mark BERNLEY in early 2012 – its presentation was held in February at the annual Moscow food exhibition PRODEXPO.

Today, along with the already well-known and popular among millions of consumers in many countries of the world classic teas, such for example, as "English Breakfast" or "Earl Grey", BERNLEY also offers unique blends, created especially for this brand. "English Elegant", "English Supreme" and "English Premium" differ a great flavor and aromatic properties that meet the highest international standards and can satisfy the gastronomic tastes of the most discerning tea connoisseurs.

BERNLEY’s products belongs to the premium segment. In this regard, special requirements apply to all materials and components used in its production process. In particular for the new brand was developed ultra-modern packaging c bright author's design.

Special film protects the tea leaves from the negative impact of the environment, first of all odors and moisture, allowing them to keep their natural freshness, taste and aroma.

In addition, used tear holographic ribbon with printed logo BERNLEY. In Russia it is not yet made, and to forge its almost impossible. For buyers, this is an additional guarantee of the authenticity of the product.

To these should be added the large-scale advertising and marketing manufacturers BERNLEY, including the advertising of this brand on TV and sponsorship participation in the organization of numerous cultural and sports events.

BERNLEY is a new brand on the Russian tea market, offering a wide assortment of leaf tea and tea bags English collection. The best variety of the most ecologically clean areas of our planet, the refinement of taste and tonic properties make the brand unique and attractive to the widest possible audience.

Advertising activity

Federal and local TV Channels with the highest rate along population coverage and compliance with advertising target are selected for placement of advertizing materials. In recent years advertizing campaigns of TM BERNLEY were carried out in two formats, the most effective from the point of view of audience impact :

  • Direct advertising, which provides showing video clips in advertizing blocks of the most popular TV channels in prime time
  • Sponsorship of the most famous entertainment programs which have steadily high rating over the years

TV Channels

Today Channel One is not only the most major ( programs of Cannel One are broadcast in the territory where 98,8% population of the country lives), but the most popular TV channel of the country. Leadership of Channel One is provided convincing proof with results of several sociological services, using different measuring methods of television audience.

«Russia – 1»
Audience of TV channel “Russia-1” is 98,5 % population of Russia and more than 50 million of TV viewers in CIS and Baltic countries. TV channel “Russia-1” has a leading position in the market of local broadcasting and it is one of the leading creators of TV programs.

«STS» TV channel was launched in December, 1996 and today it is a leading TV entertainment network . Brand name of “STS” TV channel is distinguished by a high degree of recognition among the audience who are attracted by original, bright, stylish and dynamic programs.

«DOMASHNY» TV channel was launched in 2005 and from the very first days occupied a special niche in Russian media space. Practical and positive information of “Domashny” is addressed to everyone who strives for family harmony, comfort and healthy lifestyle.

NTV» all-Russian TV channel, which began broadcasting in 1993. NTV 24-hour broadcasts from Moscow, from the TV centre "Ostankino". In addition to the territory of Russia, NTV broadcasting extends beyond Russia.

«TV Center» — the Russian federal TV channel. It was called «TVC» before.

TV programms


Vocal TV show that goes from October 5, 2012. Russian version of the original format “The Voice”.

The second season held from September 6 to December 27, 2013 with support of BERNLEY tea, Sergey Volchkov became its winner.

It`s not a traditional show of talents, but searching professional and different genre voices. “The Voice” key differences from habitual vocal TV shows are extremely high requirements to vocal level.


The second season of super show “Battle of Choirs”, one of the most rating national TV projects last year, was premiered on the “Russia-1” TV channel on October 27.

This beloved by million of TV audience program was sponsored by BERNLEY trade mark, tasty and fragrant products of which – Premium Ceylon black tea and Chinese green tea - helped the participants to be always in good shape and to withstand the daily marathon of rehearsals and performances.


TV show “Remove it immediately” tells about fate of various women showing their miraculous transformation. Every woman can learn something new from leading fashion designers and stylists. And BERNLEY tea will help them to open for changes and change their life for the better!

and “WE EAT AT HOME” –“NTV” TV channel

The situations which occur with Julia, happen to everyone. Julia buys food in nearby store just like you. She has little time for cooking, so she chooses the simplest recipes. Any of you, even the most inexperienced cook will be able to prepare them.


Gastronomic specialty “COOKING WITH ALEXEY ZIMIN” on “NTV” is a show how to cook delicious at home like in restaurant.

A famous journalist, restaurant critic, real food erudite person and gastronomic professional Alexey Zimin who was educated in the famous French cooking school “Le Cordon Bleu”, will teach the audience to cook world cuisine to simple and clear recipes. He intends to show and prove that it can be done at a low price, tasty and fun! And cooking can be not only a pleasure, but amusement and even adventure.

“NASTROENIE” ( The Mood”)– “TVC” TV channel

“Nastroenie” is an informative entertainment channel of Russian TV.

“Nastroenie” is what`s going on in the city in the afternoon, why it doesn`t sleep at night and what wakes up in the morning . The program contains everything you need for successful beginning of the day: the latest weather announcement, traffic situation, changes in public transport, city news, economy, events from art world and sport.