Jasmine Blossom
BERNLEY JASMINE BLOSSOM - a unique blend of Chinese green tea with Jasmine petals, which is the clearest embodiment of the ancient Chinese tea traditions and a great choice for connoisseurs of luxury green tea - recognized standard of pristine natural freshness. Magical floral aroma, pleasing fusion amber, golden color and a pleasant refreshing taste. Thanks to the essential oils contained in Jasmine petals, BERNLEY JASMINE BLOSSOM has long relaxing and calming effect on the human body. Equally good both hot and chilled.
To view the scene in 3D mode, your equipment must have the automatic recognition of 3D content or function of compulsory inclusion of 3D playback mode, which can be found on the remote control for the TV or monitor settings, as well as having a built-in stereo information. Monitor or TV must support 3D Side-by-Side (Half), which means the ability to support a vertical monitor or TV stereo information.